The Urbanspace Team has leveraged its decades of experience working with thousands of homeowners to buy, sell, design, and furnish their Downtown Austin Condos. Many of us are condo dwellers ourselves and understand the little things, both good and bad, that come with condo living.

The Modern Austin Residences has been designed to incorporate more of the good and create out-of-the-box solutions for the rest. As the exclusive sales and marketing team for several of the most successful condo towers in Austin, we understand how a space lives, and wanted to create a vertical community that encompassed all of our learnings.

So while the road to get here has been long, it’s a challenge that gets us excited to get up in the morning to help bring this urban lifestyle to others. Here is the story of The Modern Austin Residences, so far:

June 2023

Smooth sailing at The Modern as our construction crew remains right on schedule. With the final level of the parking podium now completed, we’re reaching new heights as we set forms for level 16, our first amenity floor.

May 2023

By the end of May 2023, Flintco had completed levels 1 through 11 of the tower, and the crane was raised higher as we continue our climb into the skyline.

March 2023

The Modern’s monumental archway takes shape on street level, and the tower begins its rise into the Austin skyline. It’s incredible to consider that just one year prior, we were celebrating The Modern’s groundbreaking at Container Bar.

February 2023

The second pour for the first level of The Modern is completed ahead of schedule — go Flintco!

January 2023

Flintco was busy this month, completing grade beams and the underground plumbing installation, pouring core walls up to the first floor, installing the super climber. Work proceeded on MEP layout and installation, as well as installing rebar for beams and the core wall.

December 2022

The construction crane is erected at The Modern site!

October 2022

The finish palette options make their debut, and our initial interior upgrades were launched to our homebuyers. Meanwhile, the construction crew began work on grade beam installs, placing wreck forms, and continuing mat foundation retention.

September 2022

At this time, Flintco was excavating the tower crane footing, drilling piers, and getting ready to start excavating for mat foundation. (The large concrete slab that carries the entire load of the superstructure, spreading it over the whole area beneath the building.)

August 2022

The team celebrates the first completed pier at The Modern. Tradition has it that you toss money into the first drilled hole for the first pier, and it will bring your project blessings for a safe and prosperous building. Developer Kevin Burns collected currency from all over the world for this very moment.

July 2022

Construction picks up steam with the clearing and excavation of the site.

March 2022

The Modern Austin Residences officially breaks ground — we celebrated this milestone with one last hurrah at Container Bar.

February 2022

Sales of The Modern launch to resounding success, achieving record-breaking sales. If you missed out on our initial offering, it’s not too late. Limited floor plans remain — inquire now.


The site development permit for The Modern Austin Residences was received, and we closed on our construction loan. While these happenings may not seem that exciting to most, they are significant milestones in the development process, and ones that we celebrated!

July 2021

Urbanspace debuted The Modern Austin Residences, and in less than a month, had over 1,000 interested parties sign up to learn more about how to become a future resident.

modern definition and origin

May 2021

Austin City Council approved The Modern Austin Residences.


Where do we start? COVID was a blessing in disguise for The Modern. Due to various factors, Urbanspace was able to redesign The Modern as a condo tower. The redesign was pivotal for our team. It allowed Urbanspace to use all of our experience and combine it with our passion for creating a building that embodies who we are and Urbanspace’s values. The Modern also passed the Historic Landmark Commission, the Planning Commission – round 2, and the site development permit was submitted to the city.

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90/92 Rainey gets approved by Planning Commission – round 1 and Historic Landmark Commission.

fun fact - 92 Rainey is not a historic building


Urbanspace began working with Nelsen Partners on a conceptual design for a tower. 90/92 Rainey was to be a mixed-use tower with a hotel and apartment component.

early concept rendering of 90/92 Rainey


92 Rainey was acquired, and the dream for Urbanspace to develop a tower at 90/92 Rainey St begins to take shape.

Bungalow - 92 Rainey St


Kevin Burns acquired 90 Rainey, and 6 Brownstones were planned as Urbanspace’s first development project. Courtesy of the recession, the brownstones didn’t happen. Lemonade was made, and in this case, took shape as Container Bar and bigger dreams. In the meantime, Urbanspace closed out Milago, sold out The Seaholm Residences, and was selling The Independent, among other projects.

pic of Container Bar


Born out of an entrepreneurial vision to develop an on-the-ground real estate firm that could uniquely provide turn-key solutions to the needs of downtown and urban core residents, Urbanspace opened its doors in 2000.

Urbanspace first office